Here at Alter Light Productions we take photography very seriously. We not only make sure the image is good to the eye, but it also tells a story. The story or memory of your beautiful wedding day, or a photo shoot with a loved one or child that will never be forgotten. Book your appointment today, so your memories will last a lifetime.


Here at Alter Light Productions, our specialty our are videos. We take the time and care to make a video that means something to our customers. we utilize the best technology and knowledge to make a video that tells a story of a special day, person or musicians inspirations and ideas to create a meaningful Video. Make an appointment today, to make your video ideas a reality.


Audio is just as important as the video. And here at Alter Light Productions we strive to bring the best audio to our customers  videos. We are  learning new techniques and tools to improve our audio department everyday.  ( We do not adjust or alter the musicians audio without the artist permission.)