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Solar Eclipse

August 23, 2017 Blog 0

Wow! What an amazing site. did you get a chance to look up into the sky? ( with your protective special solar eclipse glasses i hope.) Well if you were lucky enough to see the half solar eclipse we got it was truly a site to see. on August, 21 , 2017 we here in Ontario got to see just a little bit of the solar eclipse. I got a chance to photograph a couple shots of the eclipse. it was tough getting focus and a bit of a struggle but overall a good learning experience. I used my canon T5I with my 60-300mm f/stop 3.8-32 with a ND filter on the front of the lens. My shutter was set to about 1/3000sec, F/stop fully closed. ISO about 100. I did a half zoom in and got a quick focus taking multiply burst photos than pointing the camera away from the sun from fear of ruining my camera. I repeated this process trying different settings and got some pretty cool photos. I wish now that i would have tried to brighten the image up a bit to get more definition into the photo. with something in the foreground like clouds or a tree. I will be better prepared in 2024 when the solar clips comes around on April, 8th.

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