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Our First Product Video

April 11, 2018 Blog 0

We recently had the chance to travel to Ingersoll, Ontario to film a product video for Lasting Memories.

This was a really amazing experience, having the opportunity to work with two actors that the client brought on set that day was amazing. It was a real learning curve tho. when i came home that night and looked at the footage, i noticed my light reflecting on some of her art work. (She encases some of her work in glass cases) I realize now i should have used a Circular polarize filter on my lens to avoid any reflections,  Also it good to always be prepared. I forgot my reflector that day and when i got to the location the room was a bit smaller than expected. so having all my lights in their made it very hot for my actors and my client. But we braved threw the storm and we came out with a product that i am proud of. I love film making and it is such a struggle sometime and in the age of the internet their is so much competition that it makes you feel like your work is not good or will never be. But it is not like that, we have to realize we have different styles and taste and that we each contribute something different and inspiring  to a great and rewarding art form.


Garrit Ainsworth

CEO, Alter Light Productions

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