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December 30, 2017 Blog 0

Good evening,

We here at Alter Light Productions (ALP) hope everyone had a amazing holiday. Alter light productions took a much needed break and spent some time with the family and freinds. but before that break we managed to film and edit a music video.
This is the new video for Androo Joseff for his new song “On The Rise” We knew we wanted to make the video look really creepy but also have a interesting holiday vibe to it. So i suggested to Androo that we use some white colored Christmas lights ( Would have loved to use red but unfortunately with time and budget we couldn’t get them.) so with the white lights hung i told Androo to wrap him self in the lights like Indiana Jones being trapped by vines in an ancient temple. With everything set we began to film.. but i wasn’t getting the image i seen in my head. I just happend to remember a video about in camera effects and remembered a little thing called Lens Wacking. Lens wacking is when you take the camera lens off the camera and hover it around the camera sensor letting in tons of light and giving off select focus effects. Finally with the image coming out the way i wanted i told Androo to really let loose and get as articulate with his body as he could and the results are something im very proud off.

You can check out the video on our YouTube, Vimeo or Our Website.

We hope to hear feedback from everyone and we hope you enjoy the show.

Until next time.
Garrit Ainsworth
CEO, Alter Light Productions

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